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Holcim is the leading global construction materials & solutions company.
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The Holcim Startup MAQER is about establishing enduring partnerships between startups and Holcim based upon real business, knowledge and growth


We initiate our partnerships with startups with real business! Holcim purchases your solution right away and pilots it in a real operational setup.


During the pilot we offer specific sessions about Holcim and the construction vertical. This is critical knowledge for you to be able to develop your business with us.


To grow your business with Holcim beyond our first pilot purchase, your solution needs to scale. We facilitate this through our network and resources.


From affordable housing to the most technically challenging infrastructure projects … the opportunities to apply startup solutions in our industry are vast!

Industry 4.0

Startups with cutting edge solutions for challenges arising from operating and connecting plus 1.700 construction materials plants globally.


Startups offering innovative solutions to deliver over 100 billion tons of construction materials.

Services & retail

Startups with digital solutions to service customers in over 80 countries, from architecturally challenging infrastructure projects to retail-shops in emerging economies.


With this partnership you gain a reference client in the trillion dollar construction industry

Gain a reference client

Through this partnership you gain Holcim – a global leader in construction materials and solutions – as an invaluable reference client.

Fast & flexible

The Holcim Startup MAQER is the fast-track to business with Holcim. You remain flexible, as we do not demand exclusivity, or rights to invest or over your Intellectual Property.

Become a global player

This partnership is a milestone to establish yourself in the huge construction industry, which is ripe to be conquered by cutting edge startups like yours.

Partnership of equals

We are not the Goliath in this partnership, which we strive to be mutually beneficial. Your solution is unique in solving our problems, and Holcim is valuable for you as your early adopting client.

Gain Holcim as your Venture Client

We are looking to partner with top startups like yours!
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